martedì 21 luglio 2009

Textiles News Flash - July 2009

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FMG continues its development program of innovative textiles for the 2009-2010 season.
A new range of products has been already introduced with the 2009 Catalogue, but many new ones are going to be available in September ‘09.
With the turn of the season, FMG introduces a new range of products that provide for a better streamlined collection, full of exclusive and innovative contents.

Here follows a short introduction of some of them:

New Movida Plus
Finally we have completed this very important development at FMG. The new collection
has left unchanged the previous colour range.
Minor variations are almost invisible and are due to the following technical aspects:
- better scratch resistance
- improved material memory and handling qualities
- less colour variation with light incidence
- elimination of any doubtful chemical/metallic substance
In developing the new product line we have also achieved many important aspects:
- faster delivery time
- lower minimums for special colors
- better quality control
- better colour consistency

New Mambo range
Following the trend that we set at FMG introducing Movida a few years ago, we are
launching a new textile look vinyl. A canvas look product made out of a number of novel
natural look colors. The Mambo vinyl line will surprise you for its natural fusion look and will
inspire you in designing high profile modern interior-exterior furniture.

This highly successful line of simil-terry cloth is a winning alternative to cotton terry cloth.
Made out of polyester in a water-repellent finish, provides performances of a real
upholstery material. Resistant to abrasion, is a micro-stitched textile, treated with an
anti-stain finish. It has a good color stability and is dyed in many very modern design
colors. It is priced very competitively if compared to terry-cloth and can be used either
as a cushion cover or as a upholstery material on its own.

Yankee e Ranger
The most extraordinary genuine leather substitute developed by FMG will be soon
available in a new exciting and modern color range.
Finally available in many FR standards, specific for every sector of application, it has
been re-designed to be more in line with the current market needs and trends.
As a result of this major R&D project the price has been reduced considerably. It is now
more affordable and applicable also on smaller yachts.

Probably the most important break through at FMG. This textile is really extraordinary.
Used as a cover product for any application, strikes for its mechanical resistance in
change of very few grams of weight, for just 150 grams/sqm. is a fantastic alternative
to ugly PVC coated textiles.
Anti-mildew, anti-abrasion, basically waterproof also in the stitching. UV stable,
provides high grade UPF protection. An infinite number of applications are possible with
this product for a very honest price!

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