giovedì 25 novembre 2010


We have the pleasure to introduce a new spinsock material available in 150cm width. It can be ordered at specific widths with no additional costs and it will be heat sealed cut at precise width. The material is made of a high strength thermosetted polyester, therefore designed to be porous. Very resistant to tear and ladderproof. It is slighly rigid when unrolled (ideal for being stitched), but quickly softened at the first fold, resulting in a non cumbersome material, ideally to be stowed in the sac.  One more textile product that would make the perfect snuffer is IOS. Our revolutionary cloth weights only 155gr/sqm and is extremely chafe resistant and totally water repellent. It can be used to contain the running ropes that open and close the snuffer. Also this cloth can be ordered slit to width.  Very competitively priced it can be used without any size limitation of the spinsock.  Its order code is BFHKP60WT-FMG

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